Do you feel like there is more to life than so-called “ordinary reality”? Have you ever felt that you were part of a greater whole? Do you believe that you were placed in this life for a purpose?  Have you ever been astounded by synchronistic events?

The science of Astrology is over 3000 years old.  Kings, pharaohs and great spiritual leaders, like the Dali Lama, have consulted the stars for centuries. They found that astrology could define pathways that help people make choices in their life journeys.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to deeply know yourself with heartfelt compassion. The metaphysical practice of Astrology can help you do that and give you an extra tool to face life’s challenges.

During an hour-long consultation you will learn patterns, either established at birth or created by the present movement of the planets, which can be accessed to enhance your self-awareness. Included with your consultation are your astrological birth chart and other graphic illustrations to enhance your understanding. 

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Free follow-up questions are available by e-mail or telephone (15 minute limit).


Susan Utell




April 24


Sausalito, California

As Above, So Below.